Kids & Cash



Financial literacy is one of the critical keys to life’s success and realising the importance of financial literacy and its impact on society, the SC has taken the initiative to instil money management skills among the young in order to improve financial literacy among Malaysians.

“Kids & Cash” is a by-invitation only programme aimed at children aged 10 to 12, with the sole objective of inculcating money management culture among Malaysia’s young ones.

Kids & Cash educates children on the importance of saving money, smart spending habits and how to plan finances at an early age. Children are also exposed to interpersonal skills, which are embedded seamlessly into technical knowledge.


Kids & Cash workshops will help children to improve some of these skills:






Money Management





Parents, you would want your children to be part of SC’s Kids and Cash workshops. Make sure your children don’t miss out on the opportunity to be part of this programme when we visit their schools - let SC help groom your children into money savvy kids!

Kids, join us! Learning doesn’t come in a more fun and exciting package. Explore our Kids & Cash segment here and get a sneak peak at some of the things you can look forward to at our workshops. Did we forget to mention? Check out the games at our FUN CORNER here: