In order to increase informed investor participation, the SC has rolled out a series of programmes under the InvestSmart™ initiative to reach out to potential and existing investors across Malaysia.

These include:
The SC Reach Roadshow “Bersama SC”
A nationwide roadshow that promotes public awareness about the wide range of capital market products available.  Bersama SC also educates investors about their rights and responsibilities.
The SC Mobile Unit
Allows us to engage Malaysians in both rural and urban areas, providing informal consultations and engagements to raise awareness about the SC, our role and how you can learn to invest safely.
InvestSmart Mobile App
Developed to share meaningful, relevant and timely information on licensed capital market products and intermediaries whenever you need it the most.
Through print, broadcast and digital media advertising.
Seminars and Workshops
For retail/unit trust investors, government offices & private corporations, people living in rural areas, blue collar workers, housewives, and university students. Seminars and workshops include Teens & Cash, Kids & Cash, Cash @ Campus, Bijak Mengurus Wang (B.M.W.), Stock Market Seminar & Unit Trust Seminar.
Investor Weekend
An annual investor event that brings together industry partners and other agencies to engage everyday Malaysians, build their confidence and empower them to participate in the capital market responsibly.