Risk Profile Assessment

1. What sort of investor are you with respect to investment risk versus return?

2. Which statement below best describes your investment objective?

3. What is the time frame in which you would expect to achieve your investment objective (to buy a car, house, marriage, etc) is?

4. If your investment portfolio suffers a 25% loss, how easily can you replace the investment loss with a future source of income?

5.In the context of investing, what best describes your attitude towards risks?

6. If over a 3-month period, an investment you owned lost 30%, what would you be likely to do?

7. How much accumulated income do you expect to have available for investments and savings over the next 3 years?

8. How long would you invest the majority of your money before you begin to withdraw the money from your investment account? (Assuming you already has savings to meet short term cash flow and/or emergencies.)