Learning new things is like an adventure. Therefore to make learning of the capital market more simple and enjoyable, the Securities Commission Malaysia (“SC”) in 2018 embarked on a project to create an educational game about the capital market called “Jump2Invest

The characters for Jump2Invest represent the multi-cultural demography of Malaysians and were drawn by none other than SC’s own staff.

The game serves as an additional tool for InvestSmart® to engage and spur public’s interest about the capital markets. The game essentially:-

  1. allows the player to build a simple portfolio of investment;
  2. introduces an anti-scam feature; and
  3. educates the player on basic capital market knowledge.

Starting 1st February 2019 stand the chance to win a PS4 Pro with our Easter Egg Challenge.

Jump2Invest is downloadble on your mobile devices via IOS or Google Play.