InvestSmart is an investor empowerment initiative that seeks to create more informed investors who are self-reliant and able to make investment decisions that are right for them. The initiative will:

Encourage members of the public to take control of their finances so that they can be responsible for their own future and wealth.
Equip investors with the knowledge, skills and tools needed to exercise good judgement and discretion in making investment decisions.
Encourage more informed retail participation in the capital market.

Through InvestSmart, we hope to change mindsets so that everyday Malaysians are not daunted by the prospect of investing, and to do so wisely.

The programmes under InvestSmart will be tailored to potential and existing investors with different background and investing objectives. In developing these programmes, the Securities Commission Malaysia's (SC) Investor Affairs and Complaints Department will leverage off its observations gleaned from interactions with investors, particularly knowledge relating to behaviours of investors in making decisions.